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nätdejting happy pancake flashback Crane scale 55 ton/20kg stainless, professional.

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gå på dejt mötesplatsen Crane scale 55 ton/20kg stainless, professional.

dejting 60 plus oyster dejting presentation flashback x4 thai dejting i sverige wiki FEATURES:

  • Extremely bright large red DOT LED 40mm display, which guarantees a perfect visibility of the weight from any angle, also from a long distance.
  • Usable indoors as well as outdoors, great visibility also in full sunlight.
  • Adjustable brightness intensity.
  • Sturdy STAINLESS steel structure, with IP67 protection degree of the load cell and the electronics, against dust and sprays.
  • Fitted with approved galvanised shackles.
  • Extremely reduced distance between upper and lower shackles.
  • Precision: +/- 0.03% on F.S.
  • 5-key waterproof keypad: ZERO, AUTOMATIC TARE, MODE, PRINT, and ON/OFF.
  • Progrmmable digital filter, for an excellent weight visualisation in any working condition.
  • Programmable automatic switch-off function, either through keypad or remote control.
  • Fitted remote control, configurable as just an automatic tare or as a 4-key remote keypad.
  • Predisposed for an 868MHz radio interface or WiFi, for connection to PC or to a remote terminal and printer.
  • Rechargeable battery, with an average life of about 30 hours.
  • Predisposed for a second optional extractable battery for 24/7 continuous use.
  • Fitted with 230Vac 50 Hz battery charger.
  • Programmable digital calibration and Set-Up directly from the keypad or from PC through Dinitools.
  • Operating temperature range: -10/+40 ºC.
  • PEAK (maximum value read).
  • HOLD (lock of the displayed weight).
  • Weighing totalization.
  • lb/kg conversion (see DFW weight indicators for more functions).
  • +/- checkweighing.
  • Percentage weighing.
  • Counting.
  • Peer-to-peer.
  • High Resolution Weighing x 10.

gå på dejt göteborg nätdejting happy pancake kokemuksia OPTIONS AVAILABLE UPON REQUEST ONLY TOGETHER WITH THE ORDER

  • Radio frequency weight transmission to remote indicator, up to 70m indoors.
  • 868Mhz radio interface.
  • WI-FI interface.
  • Remote weight indicator connected in radio frequency, (see DFW.., 3590.., TRS.., DGT60.. series’ weight indicators) with the printer or other accessories. 

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nätdejting happy pancake mobile gå på biodejt MODEL SIZES mm (Shipping weights and dimensions)

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  • MCW09T12 950X500x500 30 kg
  • MCW09T17 950X500x500 72 kg
  • MCW09T25 950X500x500 88 kg
  • MCW09T35 950X500x500 104 kg
  • MCW09T55 950X500x500 176 kg

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Capacity 55000,00 kg
Complete in stainless Yes
EU-type approved / verified No
Heat shield No
Remote display Option
Resolution 20000,00 g
Resolution 20kg
Accessories / Spare parts

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